As part of vet month, we’re looking back on some of our older blogs around veterinary research…

We have released a new dataset today which highlights leading antibody suppliers and the top cited antibodies by research area.

Here at CiteAb we produce antibody market datasets based on the analysis of hundreds of thousands of antibody citations. This data provides a quantitative, unique and independent view of the antibody market, allowing researchers to make more informed product development and marketing decisions.

One of the research areas we have looked at is veterinary research, where we have analysed 7,300 citations for 4,000 antibodies, supplied by 54 different companies.

Claiming the lion’s (no veterinary pun intended!) share of the market we see AbD Serotec, who also supply the highest cited antibody ‘Monoclonal Rat Anti Dog CD4:FITC Clone YKIX302.9’ which tops the antibody list with 20 citations. CiteAb lists over 12,700 antibodies from AbD Serotec.

To see a free sample showing the top three companies and top five antibodies for stem cell research please complete this form. If you’re interested in the full dataset then contact Matt by email.

~The CiteAb team


The full list of research areas available can be found in our headline blog post here.