CiteAb is able to list academic antibodies so we’re really keen to hear from those of you who have developed your own.

We do need these antibodies to be deliverable, so that when CiteAb users search and find them they are able to contact the academic researcher behind the antibody for information and request an antibody or two for their own research. Therefore individuals do need to be happy to deal with this.

That said, listing with CiteAb has multiple benefits – for you and for us. First, it makes your antibodies visible. They can be searched, found, compared with others and requested. It also highlights them to companies that might be interested in licensing new clones – many companies look for opportunities to do this and it can be lucrative for academics.

Listing with CiteAb also helps you to promote your research. You can add your research papers that cite the antibodies you’ve listed, demonstrating their usability.

For us, having academic antibodies on CiteAb helps us realise our goal of becoming the world’s most comprehensive antibody search engine and a highly valuable tool for researchers.

At CiteAb we also list a number of antibodies from grant funded organisations, developed out of academic resources. Currently this includes DSHB, ZIRC and NeuroMab.Therefore if you produce antibodies through an organisation like this we’re equally keen to work with you – please do get in touch.

As always, let us know if you can contribute in any way to CiteAb by emailing Matt on or join the conversation on Twitter at @CiteAb. We love to hear from you!

– The CiteAb Team