Reporting from Alpbach – three ways to validate antibodies

Last week our founder Dr Andrew Chalmers was in Alpbach for the 8th Affinity Proteomics Meeting, where he presented CiteAb’s latest antibody validation efforts.

At the event a huge range of antibody and proteomics science was presented, ranging from exciting new new binders to antibody engineering and therapeutics.

Andrew said: “Over the course of the event I attended some fantastic talks but today I want to highlight three presentations in particular, each of which outlined powerful methods that suppliers or researchers could use to validate their antibodies.”

Fridtjof Lund-Johansen and Krzysztof Sikorski

The first method, outlined by Lund-Johansen and Sikorski of Oslo University Hospital, was MAP-MS. This method uses biotinylated cell lysates and combines analysis by mass spectrometry and antibody array analysis. It can be used to screen thousands of antibodies against proteins from multiple cell lines.

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Volker Stadler

The second method we wish to outline was the ‘High Density Peptide Arrays’ method presented by Volker Stadler from PEPperPrint. This technique uses a custom peptide laser printer to produce high density arrays, offering a flexable approach to carry out in depth analysis of epitopes and antibody cross reactions.

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Claudia Fonseca

Finally, we want to draw your attention to HuProt, which is a large scale protein array. HuProt was presented in a poster by Claudia Fonseca from Cambridge Protein Arrays – also one of the event organisers. The array has almost 20,000 human proteins on it making it a valuable tool for antibody validation.

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Andrew said of the event: “This was a fantastic meeting which combined great science with a lovely location and great hospitality – I would particularly like to thank Mike Taussig and his team from Cambridge Protein Arrays for putting on such a valuable meeting which has, among other impacts, contributed to sharing knowledge around antibody validation.”

– Matt and the CiteAb team

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