New leader in the flow cytometry research antibody market

I have been segmenting our overall antibody market data to look at the tens of thousands of citations for antibodies used in flow cytometry experiments over the last decade. In doing so, I have found that a new supplier has claimed pole position on the flow cytometry antibody leader board. 

When I last looked at this market data, BD Biosciences dominated the market with a massive 33 per cent total share. This was in no way a surprise – the company is a very well known global medical technology provider, and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flow cytometry equipment. 

However, today I can announce that in a surprising change, BD Biosciences has been overtaken by San Diego based BioLegend. 

BioLegend has shown impressive year on year increases in citation share in this market since 2010, but this has increased significantly since 2016 and the company now has over 40 per cent share of the market – making it the number one antibody supplier for immunologists performing flow cytometry. 

I should also highlight that BD Biosciences has continued to do very well in the flow research antibody market generally, with over 30 per cent of market share and unwavering flow cytometer instrument market share. 

There are forty suppliers with market share in this sector, showing it is a highly competitive market, especially for those remaining three places within the top five. 

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I’ll revisit this market again in the future to see whether BioLegend can maintain their new leadership position, or whether BD Biosciences will claim back some of that market share and dominate this sector once more. 

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– Rhys and the CiteAb team 

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