What a year 2020 turned out to be! I don’t think back in January anyone could have predicted quite how many twists and turns the year would take, and with a major election, more national lockdowns and festive holidays to come it isn’t over yet. 

This year, more than ever before, it feels like there is a need for celebration – so we’re really pleased to be able to announce that the CiteAb awards will be returning in the coming months to recognise the great and good of the sector, and the huge amount of work that you have all put in this year to overcome the many challenges we’ve all faced. 

The CiteAb 2021 Awards will launch on 30th November, featuring a few categories you already know and love, and a number of brand new ones that will help us fully celebrate this unique year. 

The closing date for entries will be the 25th February – put a note in your diaries today so you don’t miss out on your chance to get involved. As usual, self-nomination will be allowed and encouraged in some categories, while others will look to the researchers around the world who use your products and services offered for their feedback. 

Winners will be announced on the CiteAb Awards website on 21st March 2021. 

Alicia Cooper, product manager at CiteAb, says: “This year you can expect to see the return of categories like ‘Researchers’ Choice’ which celebrates the company that researchers tell us have given them the best quality products or best customer service, and some of our data-led categories such as the ‘One to watch’ or ‘Supplier of the year’ categories. 

“You can also expect a number of new categories that focus in on some of the unique challenges that 2020 has presented. We’re looking to highlight and celebrate those that have really worked to adapt and excel this year, not just for their own organisations but also for others in the sector and more broadly in their communities. 

“For many, the next few months might mean less time face to face with other people, and more time working remotely from home or online. We want to celebrate how adaptive the life science reagents sector has been at this time, and how you’ve all worked together to support each other and to make the most of a very difficult situation.” 

For a full list of the CiteAb Awards 2021 categories and entry criteria, please check back in on November 30th when our Awards Website will be live. In the meantime, start to think about your standout achievements over the past twelve months ready for your nominations! 

– Katrina and the CiteAb team