Update – we were back in the office – briefly!

I was just writing a blog to let you know that the team and I had been able to get back into the office here at CiteAb after six months of working from home as a result of Covid-19 restrictions. 

However, yesterday (22 Sept) the UK government announced that due to rising Covid-19 cases, as a nation we are going to have to return to working from home wherever possible. 

We have done a lot of work to make our office space Covid safe, from installing automated temperature checks at the entrance to the building and hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the rooms, to spacing out desks to achieve distancing requirements, providing the team with face coverings, and regularly deep-cleaning the spaces we’re in.  

Changes to the office to make it Covid secure

And while we might not get back to the office full time for a little while now, it was really fantastic to be able to meet with each other again in person for a few weeks and to work in a professional environment again. 

We all appreciate that we are very lucky to be able to work from home when needed – many people are not so fortunate – but the time had definitely come for us to have some face to face collaboration with the rest of the team so we are grateful to have had that opportunity. 

Regardless of where we are working from, there is no difference to the ways in which you can contact us. As usual, we’re available by email or telephone, and all of our details are up to date on our email signatures and contact pages on the website.

I’m very much hoping that we will soon be able to get back to a blended approach to being in the office with some time spent working remotely from home. As yet, Bath has escaped any significant rise in Covid-19 cases, so I hope the current work-from-home situation doesn’t last too long. 

We will, of course, continue to keep you updated with our plans should they change. We will also continue to provide you with the excellent quality data and search that you’re used to receiving from CiteAb, regardless of the location from which we do this! 

I hope that our readers are all faring well through this difficult and unusual year, and that life starts to return to normal for everyone very soon. 

– Andrew and the CiteAb team. 

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