The American Association for Cancer Research, or AACR, holds its annual meeting this coming weekend in Philadephia.

This year’s meeting theme – ‘Bringing Cancer Discoveries to Patients‘ – underscores the vital and inextricable link between discovery and treatment, and reinforces the fact that research underpins all the progress we are making in the field toward cancer cures.

The event has an outstanding roster of speakers lined up, hundreds of invited talks, and more than 6,000 proffered papers from researchers all over the world.

Many of you will be attending the AACR annual meeting. Many more will not be able to go – and will, along with us, be looking forward to seeing your tweets and blogs about the event.

220px-Prof_Gordon_McVieIf you’re one of the lucky researchers able to attend and you are going to blog or tweet from the event, do comment below with the link or your Twitter handle as we’d love to follow you and will share your posts through our own accounts too.

** A quick note – here at CiteAb we are closely linked to the University of Bath. Tonight, Weds 15 March, the University is hosting Professor Gordon McVie, former Director General of Cancer Research UK, for a talk titled ‘Personalised medicine for cancer‘. The talk is being live broadcast so you can join online, and submit any questions you have through Twitter to @cancer_at_bath or using the hashtag #flgenesbath.