Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB)- Custom antibody specialists.

If you can’t find the antibody you want on CiteAb, then you might consider a custom made antibody. Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) are specialists in this area and explain their process below.

“Cambridge Research Biochemicals, which are based in Teesside in the North East of England, have been generating custom-made polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies since 1985 and 2003, respectively. The polyclonal antibody service provides the highest quality *target* specific polyclonal antibodies by bringing both a chemical and biological perspective to antigen design, while our first-rate project management and purification strategies help guarantee a high success rate.

The monoclonal antibody service offers the possibility of generating antibodies in perpetuity. Once the monoclonal cell lines have been successfully generated the antibodies can be duplicated time and time again to infinity.

The company has also been manufacturing peptides since 1980 and many of these peptides are used to generate highly specific antibodies especially to post translation modification sites”.