We have released a new dataset today which highlights the institutions that carry out the most research using antibodies.

In China we see growth in antibody use at several institutions, rather than one or two that are doing exceptionally well. There are barely a few percentage points between the institutions topping our list – Fudan University has claimed 5.21% of antibody use over the past five years, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University claims 5.01%.

Andrew, founder of CiteAb, said: “This dataset would suggest that the use of antibodies by Chinese institutions is growing, but no one individual is rocketing ahead. Instead we’re seeing broad growth at many institutions, suggesting a general increase in research using antibodies across the country.”

If you’re interested in obtaining a free sample dataset covering the global top twenty research institutions, simply drop Matt an email (matt@citeab.com). Likewise, companies who’re interested in institutions outside of the top twenty, in specific countries, or in drilling down into details about their market share at each individual institution, should also speak to Matt about obtaining our full institution dataset.

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