What are they and why do I want them?
The CiteAb antibody market datasets are based on analysis of hundreds of thousands of antibody citations and provide a quantitative view of the research antibody market and how its changing over time. They are not based on user surveys or web usage statistics, meaning they provide a unique and independent view of the antibody market, allowing companies to make more informed product development and marketing decisions.

Why do you produce them ?

CiteAb charges companies for providing these antibody market datasets, this income allows us to keep CiteAb free to list and to rank by citations (not money), ensuring we remain impartial and provide the best possible service to our users.

Off the shelf datasets

Each year we produce five off the shelf datasets which are available to purchase. The five datasets are:

  • Country Trend Dataset: Includes trends in citation rates for over 65 countries and example analysis for key countries from each geographical region.
  • Company Trend Dataset: Includes trends in citation rates for 69 companies and example analysis for companies showing clear upward or downward trends.
  • Antibody Type Dataset: Includes citation trend data for the 14 most used types of antibodies (for example mouse monoclonals) and the top twenty most cited antibodies for each of the 14 antibody types.
  • Individual Antibody Dataset: Contains citation trend data for almost 3000 antibodies and example analysis for antibodies showing increases or decreasing citations rates.
  • Research Area Dataset: Shows the top companies and antibodies for 12 research areas, including neuroscience, cancer research and stem cells.



Free sample data is available for all our datasets, if you are interested email matt@citeab.com


Custom datasets

We also offer custom datasets which allow you to combine any of the variables described above to provide exactly the information you need. You select the area of interest or question you want answered and we provide the dataset. For example if you want to know the mouse monoclonal from company X, that has been most cited by Chinese scientists, working in neuroscience, we can tell you the answer.

Cost, further details and example data

If you are interested in further details about any of our datasets simply drop matt@citeab.com an email.