Three tips for success in your CiteAb Award entry!


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In this blog:

  • We outline what makes a great award nomination
  • Find out more about our 2022 categories
  • A reminder that nominations close on the 21st February!

The CiteAb Awards are in full swing for the eighth year. It remains a real pleasure to recognise those suppliers thriving in the life science sector and doing their bit to support researchers! In this blog, find out how to craft a standout nomination and some key details in each nomination category.

We have a number of self-nomination categories as well as categories we award based on CiteAb data. Winners of all categories will be announced on the 21st March.

What makes a good nomination? 

The awards team or a judging panel will be evaluating your nominations. Here are our top three tips to keep in mind when entering!

  1. Highlight innovation and impact
  2. Make sure your nomination is not overly wordy or long
  3. Focus on the quality of a single nomination by hitting the category criteria

Specific advice for nomination-based awards

Below we outline key details for each nomination based award category:

The Innovation Award

  • In this category, it is important you demonstrate how the product (launched in the last 12 months) has specifically addressed a known issue or gap in the market innovatively. Why has this innovation made a positive change? Why is it novel? 

Environmental Initiative of the Year

  • We are looking for novel and exciting initiatives that have made or are set to make clear positive impacts. Initiatives that are well thought out and demonstrate the potential for lasting impact will be rewarded.

Significant Individual Impact

  • For this award, we are looking for an individual at any stage of their career who has made a significant difference in the sector, whether that be through a single project or throughout the entirety of their career.

Image of the year

  • Through this category, we are celebrating the most striking image published in 2021. Researchers, publishers, or suppliers whose products have been used in the making of the image are all welcome to enter here.

Acquisition of the Year

  • This award is looking for a compelling description of the successes of an acquisition, merger, deal or buyout from 2021. The focus of an entry should be the future impact on the companies involved and how the acquisition or deal helps the companies do more for science and scientists.

Researchers’ Choice 

  • This award is over to the researchers! Let us know why a supplier has impressed you with their service, product, or something else. It is important to recognise those companies that have really helped your research.

How to nominate?

Simply go to our awards website and follow the instructions! Entry forms are short and all awards are free to enter.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the awards team.

  • Alicia and the CiteAb team
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