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  • How are we going to be working with Wiley?
  • How will researchers benefit from Wiley content in the CiteAb search?
  • How will suppliers see data from Wiley publications used?

‘Our new partnership with Wiley is a fantastic step to allow us to further help the life science community make informed decisions when selecting and selling reagents. Ultimately we hope this translates into more successful experiments and research!’Dr Andrew Chalmers, CEO of CiteAb, comments on our new partnership with Wiley.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Wiley, a global publisher that has been helping the research community for over 200 years. 

Through this new partnership, citation data from Wiley content will be added to the CiteAb search and used in our data based products. Wiley will also benefit from CiteAb’s citation data, gaining insights that will allow them to better serve researchers. 

As part of this partnership, CiteAb will receive access to nearly 2 million already-published articles, in addition to new Wiley articles upon publication.

We are really excited to see how this will help reduce the industry-wide waste, time and cost involved when the wrong reagent is selected.

What will adding Wiley data into the CiteAb search mean for researchers?

Our partnership with Wiley means we will now be able to mine their publications for citation data on antibodies, proteins, biochemicals, kits & assays and experimental models. The information we find from these quality publications will be fed back into the CiteAb search. 

Reagent selection is a colossal task for researchers, and one with high stakes. Choosing the wrong reagent can lead to an unsuccessful experiment. This ultimately wastes funding, researcher time and will slow research progress. 

In just the antibody space, there are over 6 million antibodies from over 250 suppliers to choose from. This vast amount of choice is one of the reasons we created CiteAb: transparently ranking products by citations and providing experimental information greatly simplifies the process of choosing a reagent. Researchers can see how the product has been used by their peers to help inform their choice, and assess if the product is right for their purposes.

Through this new partnership, we will be able to provide even more high value content (citations and experimental information) for researchers to help them find the right products and run more successful experiments.

Enriching CiteAb citation data to help suppliers

Our new partnership will also help create value from content previously unavailable on CiteAb for suppliers. Further quality data will help suppliers sell the best reagents and further their understanding of the markets they operate in so they can provide products that are really needed! 

So, where will this new data from Wiley be used in CiteAb products?

  • Citations 

Our partnership will increase the number of papers we can mine, enabling us to find more citations. Suppliers can use these citations on their website to show where and how their product has been used successfully in research.

  • Listing

Suppliers who list on CiteAb may see greater product interest as Wiley citations are added. Researchers will be able to view further use-cases of reagents having worked in previous research. 

  • Market data

Both our market insights package (quarterly datasets on different aspects of reagent markets) and full datasets (our complete reagent data) will see benefits as the citation data we collect is enriched with Wiley publications. This will help give a more comprehensive view of reagent markets.

Looking forward

Andrew commented further on the partnership: 

‘Unlocking valuable Wiley content and integrating this data into the CiteAb search and our data products is going to ensure the research community is seeing its value to an even greater extent. We have really enjoyed working with the Wiley team to get this partnership off the ground and we can’t wait to explore how it can be expanded further!’

Dale Morgan, Associate Director of Digital Licensing at Wiley, commented: 

‘Working with CiteAb is an exciting opportunity to support innovation in the research community. Improving the reagent selection process aids reproducibility in research and helps researchers drive better outcomes in the lab.’

We are so excited to partner with Wiley and see the benefits of our work together unfold!

Read more from Wiley here.

  • Skye and the CiteAb team
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