In a first for CiteAb, today we’re taking a first look at the global custom antibody market and we’ll be highlighting those suppliers claiming the largest share.

CiteAb founder Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “As you know, we specialise in collating citations for catalogue antibodies, however over the last few months our team has been taking a closer look at custom antibody citations in order to help suppliers identify academic antibodies they may wish to license and use to grow their catalogue. We then realised this data also gave a great view of the current market for custom antibodies.”

“We’ve analysed over 1,250 annotated citations for unique custom antibodies and from this analysis we can see which supplier is most used by researchers.”

The data analysed for this report is from 2008 through to this year, 2017, with the vast majority coming from the last three years. We chose to omit the few citations that existed from the 1970s and 80s as companies have changed significantly over this time.

Our analysis shows that the custom antibody market is very unlike that of the catalogue antibody market. Approximately 80 suppliers make up 90 per cent of all of the citations in the custom antibody market – a stark contrast to the ‘pre-made’ market where only twelve suppliers hold 90 per cent of the citations.

CiteAb Product Manager Rhys Williams said: “There are a lot of custom antibody suppliers out there for researchers and scientists to choose from, making the market very competitive. It is, therefore, essential that suppliers really understand their position in the market and how to maintain or grow this.”

Our data shows that GenScript holds the largest citation share in the custom market at a significant 12.0 per cent. GenScript is a global biotech company with gene synthesis, peptide, protein, antibody and preclinical drug development service capabilities. It offers a wide range of custom antibody services and claims that ‘since 2004 (it has) produced over 14,000 custom antibodies’.

The supplier with the second largest citation share of 6.8 per cent is Eurogentec, a global supplier of innovative reagents, kits, speciality products and custom services. The company offers flexible and comprehensive custom antibody production programmes.

Rhys added: “Both GenScript and Eurogentec have done very well to come out on top in such a competitive and highly contested market. Both have gained large market shares, although GenScript can be fairly comfortable in the knowledge that it has a significant lead on Eurogentec as its nearest competitor.

“Eurogentec might want to carefully consider its position compared to its next nearest competitor however – with the third most popular supplier being only a fraction of a percent behind.”

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– Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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