Following our blog last week about our new custom antibody dataset, today we’re going to look at this data in a little more detail, focusing on the top targets for custom antibodies.

Our custom antibody data helps suppliers identify antibodies to license in, but also gives us a great insight to trends in the market. To produce this data our team analysed over 1,550 annotated citations of unique custom antibodies from 2008 to 2017, and looked at the most cited target species and protein targets.

CiteAb Data Product Manager Rhys Williams said: “From our analysis of our target species within our custom antibody data, we have found some similarities with the ‘pre-made’ antibody market. Homo sapiens and Mus musculus hold the top two most targeted species in both markets, comprising 48 per cent of citations in the custom market and 90 per cent in the pre-made market.

“However, the third most targeted species is different, with Drosophila melanogaster for the custom market and Rattus norvegicus for the pre-made market.”

Interestingly, our team has found that common model species such as Arabidopsis thaliana, Caenorhabditis elegans and Danio rerio, have a greater citation share in the custom market than the pre-made market. For example, Arabidopsis thaliana holds 2.92 per cent of the citation share in the custom market, whereas only 0.002 per cent in the pre-made market.

Rhys adds: “For all three of these model species, only 5 per cent of the protein targets identified through our custom data have a corresponding antibody listed on CiteAb. This may be because of limited catalogue coverage for well studied targets in these species – or it might be that as these species continue to be researched in great detail, new targets are constantly being investigated.”

Our custom antibody data contains citations for a far wider and more diverse range of protein targets than the catalogue market.

Rhys adds: “When we look at our custom antibody market data in its entirety, over half of the protein targets identified do not have a corresponding antibody currently listed on CiteAb. This is possibly a result of researchers working on less well studied targets and having to raise their own custom antibodies. This illustrates the potential of this new custom antibody data for identifying new targets and/or clones for companies to license.”

Today we’re giving away the details of the top five target species and the top five target proteins from our new custom antibody market data set for free. To get your hands on a copy, sign up below. If you’d like to discuss access to the full dataset with us, please do get in touch.

– Alicia and the CiteAb team

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