Does your company offer custom peptide, cell line or histology services? We’ve just broadened our custom product listings to cover these areas.

We’ve offered custom antibody listings to companies for a few years, with many using the service to reach researchers with their products.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “We often ask our users for feedback to help us grow CiteAb in the directions that will help them. Our custom antibody listings have helped thousands of researchers who could not find a catalogue antibody suitable for their experiments.

“Based on some recent feedback, both from researchers and from suppliers, it became clear that having a wider range of custom services in one place would be helpful. Therefore, we have taken the decision to expand our custom services listings to make it easier for a wider range of custom products to be found.”

The first company to use the new broader custom listing service is Reveal Biosciences, a San Diego based company which specialises in AI powered histophathlogy services for researchers in pharmaceutical companies and academia.

Jeremy Warner, Scientific Marketing Associate at Reveal Biosciences, said: “Identification of high quality antibodies is critical for successful quantitative immunohistochemistry. CiteAb is a valuable resource to us in our antibody selection process and we are very happy to be listed on their site as a custom histology supplier. This listing enables our combination of high quality histopathology services and artificial intelligence (AI)-based quantification to be found easily online by new clients worldwide.”

Dr Chalmers adds: “If you would like to list your custom products through this new service we would love to have a chat with you – please contact Rhys in our team who can outline how we get you set up.

“And as always, if you spot something you think we should add to CiteAb, or do differently, please do get in touch with us as we’re always keen to try out new ideas that have the potential to help our users.”

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team