We’ve made a small change to our ‘Lifetime achievement’ award this year, in recognition of the fact that people can make very significant contributions to the sector at any point in their career, and that these contributions should be celebrated. 

Therefore, our Lifetime Achievement award is now an ‘Award for Significant Individual Impact’ and will allow nominations to be made for individuals who have demonstrated immense achievement or contribution to the life science reagent sector, whatever stage of their career they are at. 

In the past, our Lifetime Achievement award has received many worthy nominations and our alumnus of winners includes the likes of Dr Michael Browning in 2020 and Dr Michael Weiner in 2019 and Dr Michael Comb in 2018

Alicia Cooper, Product Manager at CiteAb and organiser of our annual awards, said: “As well as changing the name of this award, we have also changed the requirements for nominations. We no longer ask nominees to give details of the long-term service a person has given to the sector but instead are asking that they describe the impact that the person they are nominating has had. This could have been through a single, exceptional project, or over a period of time across different programmes of work.

“I would also reassure those looking at our past winners that our nomination criteria do not require you to be called Michael – in fact, Karen Padgett won in 2017!” 

So if you’re working with someone who you think should be recognised for their dedication and contribution to the sector, make sure you nominate them in this years’ awards. The more information you can provide to our judges the better. 

And do take a look at the rest of the awards categories for the 2021 CiteAb Awards – we have a number of new ones this year – there is sure to be something for everyone. 

– Katrina and the CiteAb team