Today our new data snapshot sheds light on the European antibody market, and should help those of you who are promoting products within European countries.

To produce this data report we’ve analysed over 140,000 citations for antibody use in Europe between 2012 and 2017. The full report covers 38 European countries and 630 research institutions, and today we’re giving data for the top ten institutions away for free.

In a battle for first place in the country ranking we have research giants Germany and the United Kingdom. Currently Germany wins by a small margin of just 0.09% of citation share, but the pole position has changed hands between the two nations multiple times over the past six years, and we can almost certainly expect it to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Germany currently claims 19.52% of the total European antibody citation share, with the United Kingdom claiming 19.43%. Between them, the two countries combined have nearly 40% of the overall citation share in Europe from 2012 to 2017, with each having over double the citation share of 3rd place. This holds true in both the Primary Antibody market and the Secondary Antibody Market.

Rhys Williams, data product manager who focuses on the antibody market for CiteAb, said: “The top five countries in our data today have a combined number of 381 institutions with antibody citations. Germany and the United Kingdom are home to over 55% of these research intensive institutions.

“From this data, it is very clear that any supplier hoping to succeed in the European antibody market needs to be investing in both of the two leading countries at a minimum.”

Third place in the rankings is contested between France and Italy, with France just claiming the spot. The country’s research is responsible for 9.65% of European antibody citations, with Italy holding 9.02%. Finally in fifth place we see Spain, claiming 7.20% of citation share.

Rhys adds: “Italy might be just behind France at the moment, but the country is showing an increasing trend so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it take third position in the future.”

And there are some interesting changes likely to take place in those countries currently further down the rankings too. Poland shows a significant citation share trend, increasing year on year since 2012, and rising in rank from 17th in 2012 to 9th in 2017. Rhys adds: “Overall Poland remains in 13th place, however if it keeps up its current pace, we could well see the country break into the top 10 in the near future!”.

Today we’re giving away data for the top ten institutions doing research with antibodies in Europe. In the number one spot we see the University of Cambridge in the UK, with nearly 4% of all antibody citations in Europe – although many of the others in the top ten are from outside the top nations making the data very interesting. To see the other institutions leading the way in life science research, sign up below and you’ll be sent your free data.

If you’re interested in any additional data about antibody use in Europe then do get in touch and we’ll be happy to explore how we can help you.

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