Here at CiteAb we always ask our users – whether researchers or antibody suppliers, for their feedback on the service we offer. Our aim is to make it easier for researchers to do their work, by helping them find antibodies that are suitable for their experiments.

Following some feedback we’ve had recently we have added data to CiteAb that will help researchers see whether an antibody is primary or secondary.

When searching for an antibody on CiteAb you can now find just primary, or just secondary, results by changing your search preferences. You can also clearly see which antibodies are primary or secondary when you browse CiteAb.

Adam Pope, technical lead at CiteAb, said: “If a researcher is looking for an anti-mouse secondary antibody, previously searching CiteAb for ‘anti-mouse’ returned a mixture of primaries and secondaries, making it hard for them to compare products.

“We’ve taken feedback on board and after a bit of work to update the database and add a new filter to our search function, researchers can now use the ‘Type’ filter – leaving them with just a list of anti-mouse secondaries.”


Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, adds: “We hope this new feature will help researchers find the right antibodies quicker. We’re always keen to learn from our users how CiteAb works for them, and what we might be able to do differently to make it better. As always, I urge you to get in touch with any feedback or ideas.”

– Matt and the CiteAb team