Since we launched our Flow Cytometry dataset over a year ago we have worked hard to increase our citations and have managed to double our dataset.

Today we catch up with Rebecca Sadler, one of the product managers at CiteAb, to find out what’s new in the world of Flow Cytometry.

Rebecca says: “When we first launched this dataset we had a respectable 92,000 citations, and were able to give a really good oversight of the market. The team has been focused on growing these citations and we’re now up to 185,000 – so double where we were when we launched.

“In terms of machines, this represents an increase from 50 instruments to 67, and citations are now across 158 countries where previously they were across 130. New instruments to note in this dataset include the CyFlow range of Flow Cytometers from Sysmex, and LUNA and LUNA-II from Logos Biosystems.

“We were surprised we were able to find so many citations in the first place, so I am incredibly happy that our hard work over the past year has paid off and we’ve managed to grow this dataset so significantly. This increase in data has shown that even after our initial search last year our insight to the market was very accurate – BD Bioscience is still the clear leader with 91 per cent of all Flow Cytometer citations, and Beckman Coulter maintains second place with six per cent.”

Our team has also looked at novel ways of using combinations of datasets to answer new questions about the market or to provide new information that is useful for researchers. For example, by pairing our Flow Cytometry dataset with our antibody dataset we are able to see which antibodies have been used with which machines – Flow Cytometers are a really big expense for a laboratory, so access to this data showing how machines have been used is very valuable to researchers.

Rebecca adds: “All of this extra data will help us to see Flow Cytometry trends more clearly, and be able to look at the data in more detail to understand the use of these machines across different points in time and in different countries. We’re starting to closely follow the trends of companies such as Beckman Coulter, Luminex (previously Millipore), Thermo Fisher, Sony and Sysmex – smaller players in the market but those that have potential for claiming market share from BD Biosciences.”

Today we’re giving away the data for the top ten instruments that show an upward market trajectory over the past five years. To obtain your copy sign up below – and if you’d like to discuss this dataset in more detail please contact Rebecca who would be more than happy to help you.

– Alicia and the CiteAb team

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