Top 100 biochemicals in 2019

New data that I’ve been looking at today reveals that just five companies provide the top 100 biochemicals cited 7522 times in research over the whole of 2019. 

In addition, one single company is responsible for the supply of a whopping 95 of these biochemicals. 

This data comes from a set which shows trends in citation rates for over 450,000 biochemicals, and gives insight to the way in which these products have been used by researchers around the world. 

Action of SSRIs and NRIs. Credit: Arran LewisAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

My recent focus for this dataset has shifted towards expanding the range of biochemicals that we include, so as well as chemical probes (inhibitors and activators) we are also including lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, dyes, solvents, detergents and related reagents like blocking buffers to give us a broad overview of the biochemical market as a whole. 

So in the top 100, the ‘power’ biochemicals of 2019, 95 are supplied by MilliporeSigma. In fact, the full top sixty is dominated by the company – it is no surprise that the company is a highflier in this market and certainly dominates. 

Also seen featuring in the top 100 are the suppliers BioLegend, LI-COR, Selleck chemicals and Tocris. A LI-COR product, Odyssey® Blocking Buffer in PBS,  features highest in 60th position – after that we don’t see another non-MilliporeSigma product until 78th position. 

It has to be remembered that markets can change, and can do so quickly. I plan to revisit this data every year to see what changes are taking place, which companies are making gains and which are seeing fewer citations of their products. 

For example, MK-2206 and Y27632 from Selleck Chemicals have just missed out on the top 100, but are seeing a rising trend in citations so we could see them come in very soon. Tocris’ Y27632 does appear in the top 100, but again is likely to move up the rankings if it maintains its trajectory over coming years. Thermo Fisher’s 2-NBDG is another product that might enter the top 100 next year, which would also mean an additional company competing in this market. 

One supplier we don’t see in the top 100 but which deserves a mention is Solarbio Life Sciences. The company might not yet have top 100 products, but according to our data it had the largest percentage increase in biochemical citations between 2018 and 2019 of any company, suggesting that it might be about to take off in this market in a big way. 

Today I am going to give away the data for the top 100 biochemicals for free. Sign up below to receive your copy to your inbox now. And as always, if you have any questions about our biochemicals data please contact me on

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team 

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