The global antibody market is where CiteAb started, before we expanded to cover other reagents, kits, assays and images. We have extensive data on which antibodies are performing best, which institutions and countries are doing the most research with which antibodies, and this gives us remarkable insights and the ability to identify trends in this market at the earliest opportunity. 

Each year for the CiteAb awards we look at not only which suppliers are doing best in the antibody market, but also at those which are really up and coming. The suppliers that might not be the biggest right now, but are on an impressive growth trajectory which suggests they will be future leaders. 

Other suppliers should keep a close eye on these up and coming companies – they’re clearly doing something very well – whether its their catalogue, their validation, their customer service or another secret growth ingredient! 

This year the winner of our CiteAb Award for the ‘Antibody supplier to watch’ was Elabscience. The company had the largest increase in citations for its antibody products between 2018 and 2019 – and if it maintains this growth then its on the a path to a very bright future. 

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “Congratulations to Elabscience for being named CiteAb Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021. This is a very exciting achievement, with data for the company demonstrating a quick upward trajectory in use of its antibody products. I wish the whole team at Elabscience the very best for the year to come, and many congratulations on their win.”

Elabscience focuses on suppling immunoassay reagents. Its main products are antibodies, flow cytometry antibodies, ELISA kits, biochemical kits, labeling kits and other related reagents. Elabscience has been committed to the development and production of high-quality scientific research reagents, providing comprehensive protein detection related products for life sciences. 

A spokesperson said: “Elabscience will continue to stay true to its original aspirations and forge ahead, with technological innovation as its continuous driving force, empower the scientific research industry to improve efficiency, and provide higher-quality products and better services to scientific researchers around the world.” 

Also recognised in this category, and another company to keep a close eye on, was Arigo Biolaboratories. The company responded: “Arigo is proud of this exciting achievement, demonstrating the quick upward trajectory in use of our antibody products. Arigo’s goal is to offer smart solutions allowing researchers to accelerate experiments with convincing results. This award is proof of our commitment to help scientists advance their research globally.” 

You can read more about all of the CiteAb 2021 awards on our dedicated awards microsite.

– Katrina and the CiteAb team