As so many of our readers are either based in the States or working with those who are, we thought we’d reach out from this side of the pond and wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving this week!


Here’s a quick reminder of the key CiteAb turkey facts you’re going to need to get conversation going over the table this Thursday – or of course you could think about something other than antibodies for a change… we’d forgive you!

  • CiteAb has 114 antibodies listed with ‘turkey’ in their name. The three with the most citations are:
    • (61-3120) Rabbit anti-Chicken / Turkey IgY Secondary Antibody, HRP conjugate
    • (sc-3912) goat anti-turkey IgY-TR
    • (61-3140) Rabbit anti-Chicken / Turkey IgY Secondary Antibody, Biotin conjugate
  • CiteAb has 1015 antibodies listed that have reactivity in turkey.
  • We have 7 antibodies that were raised in turkey, although they’re all variations of TIgY-010 Normal Turkey IgY, a control serum from Gallus Immunotech!

So on that note – we’re off for some turkey and we hope you enjoy yours too! Have a really good Thanksgiving and we’ll see you the other side.

– Matt and the CiteAb team