Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at CiteAb we want to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends.



We’re sure you’re thinking more about turkey than you are about the lab bench right now, and in true CiteAb style we got to thinking about turkey too. However, as you know we can never quite get antibodies off our brains…

Did you know? 

  • We have 5 antibodies listed on CiteAb that have ‘turkey’ in their name.
  • We have 10 antibodies listed on CiteAb that have reactivity in turkey.
  • We have just 1 antibody listed on CiteAb that was raised in turkey (TIgY-010).


If that doesn’t make you hungry for Thanksgiving lunch we don’t know what will! Have a great day all, and best wishes from all of us.

– Andrew and the CiteAb team

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