At CiteAb we work hard to get to know individual antibody suppliers so that you can be sure the data we hold is always up to date and correct. Every now and then we feature individual company highlights here on our blog, allowing you to get to know leading antibody suppliers too.

We’ve recently listed antibodies from Cardiff, UK based company Indoor Biotechnologies. The Welsh based company, which also has sister companies in Charlottesville USA and in Bangalore India, was set up in 1994.

The founder of Indoor Biotechnologies is Dr Martin D. Chapman, formerly Professor of Medicine and Microbiology at the University of Virginia and a member of the UVA Asthma and Allergic Diseases Centre. The company was a spin-out from his work at UVA.

Dr Chapman, originally from the UK, has a scientific interest in the molecular and structural properties of dust mite, cat, dog, cockroach and fungal allergens and their role in causing allergic diseases, especially asthma. Indoor Biotechnologies mission is to improve the quality of life of patients with allergies and asthma.

The company specialises in environmental allergen detection, selling allergen detection kits as well as offering environmental analysis and contract research services. It also produces a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and purified natural and recombinant allergens.

dustmiteWe spoke to Dr James Hindley, Executive Director of Indoor Biotechnologies. He said: “Our allergen-specific antibodies are the most highly-cited in the allergy field and include some of the first to be made commercially available.”

We asked the company whether it had a mascot, a question we put to all of our suppliers. We were told that if Indoor Biotechnologies was to have a mascot, it would have to be a dust mite. Dr Hindley said: “The identification of the major dust mite allergens and their antibodies was the initial driving force of the company and it owes much to this humble and much-despised creature. Unfortunately, dust mites are in no way photogenic so fail at the most important test for a good mascot!”

CiteAb now lists all of Indoor Biotechnologies’ antibodies

. We are always looking for new companies and academics to share their antibody data with us, so if you have antibodies that are not listed on CiteAb do get in touch.

– Matt and the CiteAb team