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In this blog:

  • We take a look back at the 2020 CiteAb Innovative product of the year Award
  • What did this award celebrate?
  • What are ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies?

In the latest our series of blogs about our 2020 CiteAb Award winners, today I’m getting to know more about ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies from Millipore Sigma – the winners of our ‘Innovative product of the year’ category. 

Through the CiteAb Awards we highlight the very best in the life sciences sector, with many made on nominations – such as the Innovative Product category – and others made based on our world-leading data analysis. 

This category was created to celebrate the reagents or instruments launched during the previous year that our judges feel are set to change the sector in a significant way. We had a lot of entries to this category, highlighting the fast pace of change in the sector and the high levels of innovation. However, Millipore Sigma impressed our judges with their ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies. 

ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies are a new range of recombinant monoclonal antibodies manufactured using a proprietary expression system. This allows more ready scaling of antibody production and enables MilliporeSigma’s customers to answer new questions upon the future launch of additional host species.

And additionally, these antibodies are provided sodium azide free and lyophilized, which makes shipping easier and gives long term stability.

When I spoke to Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, he said of this entry: “MilliporeSigma’s ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies are a fantastic example of an innovative product, and exactly the type of product we hoped to unearth through this award. We look forward to seeing the data for the use of this product grow, and congratulate the MilliporeSigma team on winning this award.”

These products are very new, so the team and I are still collecting data on their use. However, I caught up with Isaku Tanida from MilliporeSigma, who told me: “We are very excited to say that sales (of ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies) have exceeded expectations, especially in terms of early adoption in many countries where we don’t typically see new products taking hold this early on. 

“We see the combination of user benefits that we engineered into the product package and design as driving this early, broad appeal. To further showcase the platform we were able to launch several new ZooMAbs that enable detection of SARS-CoV-2 including a unique humanized chimera which can also serve as a positive control in human serological assays. We look forward to continually finding new ways to deliver value to the research community through ZooMAb.”

In future we’ll take a look at our data for the use of ZooMAb® Recombinant Antibodies to shed light on how they’re being used in different research institutions around the world. 

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