Over the summer our developers Adam and Paul have been busy adding new features to CiteAb.com – one of which is our new Custom Antibody Listing section.

The Custom Antibody Listing is the area of CiteAb dedicated to companies who provide custom antibody services to researchers. Unlike our completely impartial antibody listings which are ranked only by citation and can’t be influenced by companies, the Custom Antibody Listing section of the site allows companies to promote their services to researchers.

We created this area following direct feedback from our users about their needs. Many are looking for a one-stop-shop for their antibody search, so when they need something custom they still come to CiteAb to find information on where they can source that.

custom antibody

Our new Custom Antibody Listing section offers a unique opportunity for antibody companies to promote their custom antibody services to the thousands of researchers who use CiteAb each week.

We currently have Base Pair Biotechnologies, Nordic BioSite, QED Bioscience Inc., Dundee Cell Products, Everest Biotech, Thermo Scientific, Agrisera Antibodies, BioLegend and Maine Biotechnology Services promoting their custom antibody services through CiteAb.

There is a catch though – we only have twenty slots available – so this is an exclusive opportunity. If you’re an antibody supplier interested in listing your custom antibody service on CiteAb then have a chat with Matt about one of the remaining slots by emailing him.

If you’re a researcher and you can’t find the antibody you’re looking for in our database, why not consider a custom antibody from a custom antibody supplier – manufactured to your exact requirements.

– Katrina and the CiteAb team