Here at CiteAb we regularly ask our users – both the researchers that use CiteAb to find products for their work, and the suppliers that use our data to inform their business decisions – how we can change or enhance our platform and products to make them better suit their needs. 

One of the suggestions put to us was to include data on mutations, and as a result, our product development team has been working to add a new mutations column to our protein dataset, which gives details on both the type of mutation – for example, deletion, substitution, insertion etc – and the site of a mutation. 

Rebecca Sadler, CiteAb product manager, says: “Now that we’ve added this new functionality we’re busy collecting the data required to populate it. So far we have data from 27 suppliers who produce mutated forms of proteins, with 545 products in total. This data goes through our usual stringent quality checks and procedures before being made available. 

“This is very new data so our focus has initially been on proteins with substitution mutations, and quite a few of the mutations proteins include proteins from SARS-CoV-2, which is very topical. However, I am now very keen to hear from any other suppliers that have this data for their mutated protein products so that we can get it listed on CiteAb as soon as possible – please do [get in touch with me] if you can help.” 

From the data we have so far, we can see that the top supplier of mutated proteins is currently Abcam, with 154 products on offer. The company is the second most cited supplier of mutated products. 

Other suppliers with a lot of products on offer are BPS Bioscience with 97, and Sino Biological with 75. We already knew these companies had strength in the SAR-CoV-2 protein product space which correlates to their presence in the mutated protein market. 

Overall, Active Motif is the supplier with the most citations, albeit over a smaller number of available products – with just 34 mutated proteins in total. 

Rebecca adds: “Obviously we expect these rankings to change as we continue to collect data on mutated proteins. It will be interesting to see whether these early indications carry through or whether we start to see other suppliers taking lead positions in this market.” 

Do you have mutated protein products in your catalogue? If so please do get in touch with Rebecca to ensure we get them listed on CiteAb as soon as possible. 

– Alicia and the CiteAb team