Published images are incredibly valuable for both researchers and suppliers. Given this, in 2019 we began to offer a published image service. Since then, the service has grown and now covers multiple reagent types.

Researchers are able to view published images on our search engine which enables them to evaluate both the quality of the product and how it has been used in research. As well as this, we provide a published image service for suppliers; the benefit and use of which will be the focus of this blog.

Why are published images important for suppliers?

For suppliers, displaying published images increases credibility and showcases uses of their products. This can ultimately drive sales as researchers’ have increased confidence in the successful application of the product.

Our published images are all cropped to the specific panel of interest and give details of the exact antibodies used in each panel, as well as application and reactivity data. They are also provided under a license allowing unlimited use.

Be sure to have a listen to our Published Image webinar if you missed it for further details on the service provided and a first hand account of how they have been used by Bryan Tinsley, Marketing Director for Novus.

Updates to our published image service

When we first started collecting images, our initial focus was on antibodies. We have been working hard to expand this service to cover other reagents. Recently we began collecting images for ELISA kits, see below an example using an Abcam kit. 

Human TNF alpha ELISA Kit by Abcam 
Image collected and cropped by CiteAb under a CC-BY license from:

The ELISA kit images are cropped to display the results for the specific ELISA kit, details of the publication and details for the species used.

We intend to add further reagent types to this service in the future. Kits, proteins, biochemicals and experimental models (including cells, tissues and organs) are in our plans.

The CiteAb Published Image Award and featured images

As well as providing images to suppliers and researchers we also run an ‘Image of the Year’ category in the CiteAb Awards, and an ‘Image of the month’ feature across our social channels. 

The ‘Image of the Year’ category in the CiteAb Awards, which has run for the past two years, further celebrates the beauty in science and value of published images.

Previous winners have included Flavia Millesi and the Radtke lab, Medical University of Vienna (left, Image used with permission from The FASEB Journal) and Miltenyi Biotec and ChromoTek (right, Image used with permission from Cell Press). 

Do look out for the launch of the CiteAb awards next Monday, where you can nominate a published image! 

Drop us an email with any questions about the published image service, or if you have a beautiful image you would like to be featured as our ‘Image of the month’!

  • Skye and the CiteAb team