We have released a new dataset today which highlights the institutions that carry out the most research using antibodies.

Japan’s University of Tokyo has just made it into our list of the top twenty global institutions for antibody use, appearing at number 18 and claiming 0.46% of global antibody use over the past five years.

The University of Tokyo is also some way ahead of other Japanese institutions in terms of national rankings too, claiming 7.63% of Japanese antibody use, compared to just 5.18% by second-ranked Osaka University.

Andrew, founder of CiteAb, said: “The University of Tokyo has an Institute of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience and an Institute of Medical Science which will both contribute to it claiming a high share in the global use of antibodies. However the university is only 0.01% away from dropping off the global top twenty following a more recent decrease in use of antibodies, and we’re seeing growth across Chinese institutions which might affect its position in the near future.”

If you’re interested in obtaining a free sample dataset covering the global top twenty research institutions, simply drop Matt an email (matt@citeab.com). Likewise, companies who’re interested in institutions outside of the top twenty, in specific countries, or in drilling down into details about their market share at each individual institution, should also speak to Matt about obtaining our full institution dataset.

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