The CiteAb search engine allows researchers to search for antibodies and biochemicals, ranked by citations – and now it also allows them to search for Immunoassay and ELISA kits too!

As with our other search areas, the results for Immunoassay and ELISA kits are ranked by citations, giving researchers confidence that the product they choose will work in their laboratory as they’d expect.

Product manager Rhys Williams comments: “Kits and assays are a very broad category and encompass reagent kits including all the necessary products to carry out experiments; from Immunoassay kits such as ELISA and CLIA kits, to cellular and biochemical assays such as apoptosis, cytotoxicity, and metabolism kits.

“We plan to introduce other kit types into the search engine in the near future – we started with the Immunoassay/ELISA kit type because it was an area which many of the researchers that use CiteAb had mentioned to us that they’d find useful.”

CiteAb currently lists 65+ kit suppliers, 500,000+ products with 45,000+ high quality citations that researchers can search.

We are always looking to further improve the service we provide to researchers. By expanding the types of reagents that are searchable on CiteAb, we hope to provide the same benefit to researchers that we have with our Antibody and Biochemicals search engine, by continuing to reduce the time and money researchers spend searching for products which works within their specific experimental criteria.

Suppliers – this is just the first type of kit that we are going to make available through CiteAb’s search. Contact Rhys now to provide details for Immunoassay/ELISA kits or any other kits that you offer. We’re also working on a Proteins search and are collecting data for peptides, cell lines and instruments – please speak to Rhys about including details for your products.

Researchers – is there a type of reagent you would like to be able to search for on CiteAb? We’re always keen to hear your feedback, so please contact Rhys for a chat about your ideas.

– Alicia and the CiteAb team