Today I’m going to give you a brief tour of our product citation widget which is available for distributors and can make it much easier to show customers up to date citation data. 

When they’re making purchasing decisions, customers will look beyond the marketing and promises about products made by you and your vendors, to see how they’ve been used successfully by other researchers. 

Many researchers come to CiteAb to search for products, looking first to those with a large number of citations. But for those who come to your website first, providing this information that will give them confidence that the products they’re looking at are effective can be both time consuming and labour-intensive, particularly if you offer products from a large number of individual vendors.

This is where our citation widget can help – not only can it display citations for the many vendors you might distribute for, but over the past few years we’ve launched several new reagent types on CiteAb, which means we now collect citation data for a wide range of products. We currently offer widgets for multiple reagent types including antibodies, proteins, biochemicals and kits. 

View product citations for antibody 115-035-003 on CiteAb

Our citation widget takes this data and makes it available through your website, meaning customers can always see up to date, accurate information about the products you have on offer. 

I caught up with Matthew Smith, Head of International Marketing at Jackson Immunoresearch, who is using our widget on the Jackson website. He said: “The CiteAb widget was straightforward to integrate into our website. It dynamically provides our site users with access to the latest citations for specific products, with no requirement for any data processing on our side. I have complete confidence in the accuracy of the data provided.” 

So if you’re a distributor for Jackson Immunoresearch then you can use the widget to display citations for their products – and we have citation data like this for a large number of companies! 

So far, the team and I have collected over 2.5 million product citations from over 300 companies, and that is a number which is always growing. Our AI and machine learning technology, coupled with human quality control, means our citation data is up to date and of the highest quality. 

If you’re a distributor and would like to discuss our citation widget further with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

  • Rhys and the CiteAb team