We’re really excited to be partnering with the innovative team at My Green Lab as they bring their 2021 Summit to a global audience online. 

My Green Lab is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to fundamentally and permanently change the sustainability of scientific research. By bringing together scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers and others the organisation aims to green the world’s laboratories for a more sustainable future. 

The 2021 Sustainability Summit takes place on 24th March, fully online this year, meaning that organisations from all over the world can get involved. The theme of this year’s event is Vision + Action – shaped by My Green Lab’s bold new Vision, and created to inspire Action in laboratories worldwide. 

The event will gather together over 200 scientists, lab and facility managers, designers, manufacturers, utilities and university and corporate sustainability leaders to explore the challenges of carrying out sustainable science. 

The topics on the agenda for this year’s Summit include employee and student engagement, sustainable laboratory innovation, the circular economy, ACT and supply chains, waste, water, energy and green labs around the world. 

Rebecca Sadler, CiteAb Product Manager, said: “I am really excited about this Summit. Environmental action is of personal importance to me, and I’ve enjoyed driving our actions here at CiteAb to green our business. I was also really enthused last year by all of the entries to our green life sciences category in the CiteAb Awards, so am really looking forward to learning more about the ways in which laboratories and their suppliers can be more sustainable.

“This is a must-attend Summit for anyone thinking about the future of their business. This content should be at the centre of every business strategy and events like My Green Lab’s Sustainability Summit are a great way of ensuring that best practice is shared across the sector.”

Find out more about My Green Lab’s Sustainability Summit 2021, and do sign up to attend online on 24th March 2021. 

– Katrina and the CiteAb team