MAb Technologies are based in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA and primarily make antibodies which are useful for neuroscience, for example transporters and receptors.

Craig Heilman explains their antibody development process, “we develop all of our abs, but use academic labs to test/screen them.  If the abs work in their hands, then we move it to market.  If not, then the project is stopped.  We have had more misses than hits, but I feel this type of testing leads to a better quality of antibody”.

Craig’s favorite MAb; “is the latest one we made to the Norepinephrine transporter (NET05-2). It is a great antibody that stains well with no background.  By far my best selling antibody.  However, the one that I find the most interesting from a sales point of view is Fto06-2.  This antibody is used to study the fat mass and obesity associated protein and its roll in obesity.  As important as I think this question is, I have no sales in the US!!  Although, I sell a lot of this antibody in Europe”.

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