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  • What is a citation widget?
  • How has our widget been redeveloped?
  • Why would you want the CiteAb citation widget?

We are really pleased to share that we’ve redeveloped our citation widget!

A citation widget displays up-to-date citations directly on your product pages – a compelling way to show researchers your product works, helping to drive sales. 

Our new citation widget acts as a highly accurate and low maintenance alternative to manually collecting citations. It can be used for all reagent types and instruments, and is simple to install.

Our existing widget has been used successfully by reagent suppliers for almost a decade, proving itself to be a robust solution that offers high quality data. However, we felt it time to upgrade our widget and introduce more features to help our supplier partners better showcase their products! 

We can’t wait for the first versions to go live very soon, and we’d love you to also try it.

The three tiers of the new citation widget

We have focused on redeveloping a widget that is more bespoke, with three tiers available to suit suppliers of all sizes and needs.

We also wanted to ensure our new widget is able to blend seamlessly into company webpages, so we’ve made sure all three tiers of the CiteAb widget are completely customisable to your styling and brand. 

Tier 1: Product Citations

The first tier of the widget provides product citations directly to your webpages, with linked journal articles.

This provides a simple and effective way to display high quality data to your customers, helping them to easily determine if the product is right for their work.

Product citations with clickable abstracts to show further information
Product citations with clickable abstracts to show further information

Tier 2: Annotated product citations and published images 

The second tier of the widget provides you with annotated product citations as well as published images. Importantly, published images are cropped to the panel of interest and annotated. 

This is a fantastic way to visually show researchers that a product works, and help them plan their experiments. We’ve also made sure that the annotations displayed can be toggled on and off, so you can choose which ones are shown. 

Carousel for all images, with expandable image thumbnails for publications
Carousel for all images, with expandable image thumbnails for publications

Tier 3: Annotated citations, published images and summary infographics 

The highest tier of the citation widget displays all of the above for your product, as well as dynamic infographics summarising applications, research areas and reactivity. 

Infographics are adapted to the product, neatly summarising how it has been used in more detail. Filters can also be used for all images and publications. 

Infographics can be customised to match your branding and webpages
Infographics can be customised to match your branding and webpages

Why use CiteAb for your Citation Widget?

We’ve worked hard to make sure that the CiteAb widget provides the highest data accuracy, comprehensive reagent and publication coverage and prioritises ease of use. 


At the core of the citation widget is the accurate product citations that we collect from the literature using a unique combination of AI and human reviewing.

Due to the extensive human quality checking we perform, our citations have >99% accuracy rates, meaning you can trust information you show on your website is correct.

When the same product was compared across multiple widgets we found that this was the highest quality available, with some citation widgets having accuracy rates around 70%.


Importantly, these citations can be collected for any reagent type or instrument. This means any product that is mentioned by scientists in their publications, including reagents, instruments and software, can be displayed with our widget.

On top of this, we’ve been working behind the scenes to build partnerships with publishers such as Springer Nature, Wiley and Karger, meaning we have access to closed-access journals. This valuable data is fed into the citation widget to show researchers more cases of your products in use. 

Ease of use

We have made it our priority to work closely with our supplier partners to ensure installation and integration is as simple and straightforward as possible, so setting up the widget for your products isn’t a time sink. 

Interested in trying out the new Citations Widget?

Alicia, Head of Product for Citations and Images, said: 

‘We are so excited to launch this redeveloped widget. We’ve added more features, improved the look and made the whole service more bespoke, whilst not compromising on the quality citations that power the widget in the first place. We can’t wait to see it help suppliers and be displayed on their webpages.’

We’ve been working hard to launch this new product, and we’re really looking forward to seeing it help even more suppliers. If you are interested in more information or want to try it out please do get in touch! 

  • Jemina and the CiteAb team

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