New collaborations harness CiteAb data

Over the past month we’ve embarked on two new partnerships that will see CiteAb data help more researchers around the world to do their work.

We are now working with USA-based FluoroFinder and UK-based Chromocyte, both companies that aim to help scientists design complex flow cytometry experiments.

Find out more about CiteAb's market data here.
Find out more about CiteAb’s market data here.

FluoroFinder was set up in 2014 by Roland Marcus with the aim of making it easier for scientists to carry out flow cytometry experiments.

Chromocyte is a free service that aims to assist the design of complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and identify and source reagents that are required for flow cytometry and all antibody-related techniques.

Daren Young, Director of Business Development at FluroFinder said: “FluoroFinder is streamlining the complex multi-color experiment design process, saving researchers time and money while greatly reducing errors due to incompatible reagents. Our platform of design tools for Flow Cytometry and Microscopy experiments empowers researchers to select their pre-configured machines and utilize a one-of-a-kind SpectraViewer to choose the best combination of reagents from multiple suppliers for their experiments.

“Once a researcher has designed their experiment, FluoroFinder provides a variety of options for researchers to save, export, and share their experiment details allowing groups of researchers to collaborate and iterate on experiments. FluoroFinder’s partnership with CiteAb further strengthens our commitment to provide resources throughout the experiment design workflow empowering researchers to make better informed reagent selections.”

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “It is exciting for us to see our data being harnessed by both FluroFinder and Chromocyte. These new partnerships provide additional avenues for us to use our data to help researchers around the world select the best antibodies for their experiments.”

You can learn more about FluoroFinder here, and Chromocyte here. And as always, if you’d like to discuss how CiteAb data might help your organisation please don’t hesitate to contact Matt who will be able to talk you through the options.

– David and the CiteAb team

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