Novus Biological were another company that provided us with data during the first stages of CiteAb development. They were also the first company to provide us with information for more than 100,000 antibodies.

Corey Collins explains the Novus approach. “Novus Biologicals has an extensive catalog of over 100,000 products which is divided into specific research areas and pathways. Novus has over 120 Research Areas in which customers can search for products and read up-to-date background information. The most popular research areas include Cancer, Neuroscience, Stem Cells, Autophagy, Immunology and Hypoxia. Customers can also fully explore the relationships between any genes, pathways, or diseases of interest using our Novus Explorer bioinformatics tool”.

“Novus’ antibodies are highly validated, reviewed and referenced in scientific publications.  In addition to our Guarantee covering all stated species and applications, we provide the Innovators Reward for untested species and applications.  We focus on keeping up-to-date on scientific trends by developing and marketing unique antibodies that help accelerate scientific discovery. Your success is our goal”.

For more information about Novus antibodies see their website or view Novus antibodies on CiteAb.

– Andrew and the CiteAb team