Recently we welcomed OriGene to CiteAb when we listed nearly 35,000 of their antibodies on the site. The Rockville, USA based company’s 4C5, Anti-DDK (FLAG tag) monoclonal antibody was the 2 millionth antibody we listed on CiteAb!

OriGene was set up in 1996 by Dr Wei-wu He, and is committed to its mission to be ‘Your gene company’. To achieve this, OriGene supplies everything a researcher needs to look at any specific gene or protein.

OriGene New Logo

One of the areas OriGene specialises in is providing reagents for cancer research and diagnostics, and one featured product of OriGene’s antibody offerings is UltraMAB®, which are ultra-specific antibodies designed for cancer research and diagnostics.

Huihui Kong, Marketing Manager at OriGene, told us “We are proud to have developed a high-density protein microarray for antibody specificity testing. Every UltraMAB was tested for its specificity, to guarantee it only recognizes the target protein but does not cross-react with others.”

Huihui also added: “While most antibody companies use a short peptide to generate antibodies, OriGene applies advanced antigens to raise antibodies.

“These include full-length recombinant human proteins produced in human cells as antigens, and Genomic Antibody Technology® (GAT) which is an DNA immunization technology. Antibodies generated with full-length proteins or DNA immunization will have a high chance to recognize the native structure and folding of the target protein, especially in more complicated environments and sophisticated applications such as IHC and Flow cytometry.”

OriGene now has seven sites globally, and can be followed on Twitter at @OriGeneBio. You can find out more about the company at and you can find all of OriGene’s antibodies on CiteAb.

~ Kat and the CiteAb team