1. Which are the key antibody companies to watch?

    Last week we released our annual update on the global antibody supplier market, outlining those companies that have recently entered or neared the top ten, and have grown their share of the global market by over one per cent in the last year. Today we address another interesting part of this dataset – the companies […]

  2. Which antibody suppliers are challenging the big players?

    Today we’re releasing our updated antibody supplier market share dataset, ranking suppliers based on their global citation share. In the full dataset we cover market share for all suppliers, however on our blog today we are focusing on companies that have managed to grow from fairly lowly positions in the ranking, and capture more than […]

  3. A day in the life of CiteAb product manager Rebecca

    Rebecca Sadler joined our team this summer as one of our two new product managers. Today we introduce Rebecca and give you an insight into the work she does with us here, and we chat to her about her exciting new hobby! Rebecca graduated from her biology degree at the University of Bath earlier in […]

  4. You must ALWAYS validate – and this is why

    As you know, here at CiteAb we aim to help you find the best potential antibodies for your experiments, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still need to validate them when you get them. This need has recently been highlighted with the publishing of a new research paper by Sandra Andersson from the Department […]

  5. Discover the most used anti-chemical antibodies

    Our new data released today focuses on the top anti-chemical antibodies and their targets. The majority of antibodies are raised against proteins – but some are raised against other molecules, which we term anti-chemical antibodies. CiteAb Product Manager Rhys Williams said: “To produce this dataset we looked at 2700 citations for antibodies raised against chemicals, […]

  6. Revealed: The top 100 cited antibodies of 2016

    New data from CiteAb reveals that just nine companies supply the top 100 antibodies cited over the whole of 2016. In addition, one single company is responsible for the supply of 38 of these antibodies. Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “This data comes from a set that shows trends in citation rates for […]

  7. Have you seen our widget in action on distributor sites?

    Exciting news – this week our citation widget has been put into use for the first time on a distributor website. Previously a number of suppliers have used our citation widget on their websites, including Cell Signaling Technologies, US Biological, Rockland Immunochemicals and Bethyl Laboratories. We also provided our first ELISA citation widget to Active […]

  8. New data – top custom antibody targets

    Following our blog last week about our new custom antibody dataset, today we’re going to look at this data in a little more detail, focusing on the top targets for custom antibodies. Our custom antibody data helps suppliers identify antibodies to license in, but also gives us a great insight to trends in the market. […]

  9. Who is the most popular custom antibody supplier?

    In a first for CiteAb, today we’re taking a first look at the global custom antibody market and we’ll be highlighting those suppliers claiming the largest share. CiteAb founder Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “As you know, we specialise in collating citations for catalogue antibodies, however over the last few months our team has been taking […]

  10. Thank you to our 50k monthly users!

    Great news – you’re here using CiteAb and you’re in really good company. A lot of it! The CiteAb user base has grown and grown, and we are now helping over 50,000 users like you to find quality antibodies every month. In addition, we have now got over a million citations listed in the CiteAb […]