Like everyone else just now, here at CiteAb we’re adapting to new ways of working as Covid 19 leads to the shut-down of public gatherings, the closing of work places and a message from governments to stay at home. 

But rest assured that while we’re following the rules and each working from home, we are here and available through the usual contact details. In fact, we’ve been working so hard that we have been able to get a new feature live this week – our protein search engine! 

Molecular model of human C-reactive protein (CRP) showing its pentameric structure. Credit: Human CRP. Credit: T. Greenhough & A. ShriveAttribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

We originally launched in 2013 as an antibody search engine, but over the past few years we’ve been working to add additional reagents to CiteAb. To date, we’ve added biochemicals, and kits and assays, and now today I’ve added proteins. 

As with our other reagent search features, our protein search results are ranked by the number of academic citations they have in peer reviewed journals. 

This has the potential to become a really huge dataset – there are multiple different types of proteins that perform different functions – they’re involved in transporting molecules, maintaining cell structure, catalysing reactions and cell signalling. 

From the data I have collated so far, there are currently 45 suppliers in this dataset, with over 234,000 products, and 35,000 high quality citations. 

It is exciting to have released a new reagent search, allowing even more researchers to access the right products for their experiments. 

And in addition to helping researchers, our new protein data can also help suppliers. Early adopters are already using our citations on their websites and our market data to make more informed business decisions. 

Over time I plan to look at this dataset in new ways here through the blog – from identifying the top protein suppliers and the top proteins, to the research institutions using these reagents the most, and the companies gaining market share the fastest. 

In the meantime, our team is always exploring new ways to help researchers find products and suppliers use data to make sound business decisions. If you have an idea for a reagent type you’d like to see us introduce to CiteAb, why not contact me today and let me know? 

And do take a look at our new protein pages – I’d love to hear your feedback on how they look and the information I’ve made available to you. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, do get in touch with me and let me know. 

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team