Our published images service allows researchers and suppliers to see experimental imagery straight from the scientific literature, helping them better visualise how products have been used in the past.

For researchers, this means they can use this information alongside product citations to really assess how a product might work in their laboratory. For suppliers, they can upload the images to their own websites to help better promote products by more thoroughly showing how they’ve been successfully used in the past.

Published images can be found on product pages, alongside the other information we offer. Suppliers who want to see how their products have been used can access all of the published images we hold for their products by signing up to our published image provision service which will allow them to use these images on their own product pages.

If you’d like to learn more about our published images service then you can watch this recording of a short webinar we ran on the subject a few months ago.

During a half-hour session, our Senior Product and Business Development Manager Alicia Cooper outlined the way in which our published images data is collected and how we go about ensuring its high quality. She also outlined how we make images available to suppliers and the value they add to suppliers’ marketing and sales.

Alicia was kindly joined by Bryan Tinsley, Marketing Director for Novus, who currently uses our published images. Bryan outlines his experiences in embedding published images data in his marketing materials and the return on his investment he has experienced.

If you have any questions following the webinar, please do contact Alicia who will be more than happy to help you.