We are about to launch another brand new feature to CiteAb – published images – to help researchers and suppliers understand how products have been used in greater detail.

We catch up with CiteAb product manager Alicia Cooper to get the low down on this new feature.

Alicia – why are published images useful?

“Being able to see experimental imagery straight from the scientific literature helps researchers and suppliers better visualise how products have been used in the past.

“For researchers, this means they can use this information alongside product citations to really assess how a product might work in their laboratory. For suppliers, they can upload the images to their own websites to help better promote products by more thoroughly showing how they’ve been successfully used in the past.”

What format will the images take?

“We’re planning to provide these new experimental images cropped to the specific panel of interest and detailing SKU of the exact antibody shown, as well as the application and reactant. We’ve included a few examples at the bottom of this post to show how this could look.”

How can CiteAb users access this new feature?

“Researchers will find that published images will be made available on product pages, alongside the other information we offer such as the number of citations, and applications, dilutions and reactivity.

“To access all of the published images we hold for their products, suppliers can sign up to our published image provision service which will allow them to use these images on their own product pages.”

When will this new feature be made available?

“We’re currently getting ready for the launch of our imagery data on CiteAb in October. Anyone interested in learning more about it can contact me now and I’d be happy to chat them through it.”

Can we see some examples of experimental images as they’ll appear on CiteAb?

Here we have an image published in PLoS Genet for Anti-SCP1 antibody from Abcam, Pubmed ID 22346761.

And here we have an image published in PLoS One for LC3A antibody from Novus Biologicals, Pubmed ID 20376313

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team