Here at CiteAb we’re delighted to be launching our first custom data for sales teams in life science reagent suppliers.

This new data helps sales teams improve their results, allowing them to both identify and contact researchers who are actually interested in purchasing antibodies, and to have more productive sales meetings backed by knowledge of a researcher’s previous antibody use.

Using this new custom data can help sales teams avoid wasting the precious time of researchers who never use antibodies, making the chance of turning a target into a sale significantly more likely and protecting reagent suppliers’ reputations.

This is a real win-win as researchers will also benefit – they are more likely to hear about products that will actually suit their research and will be less likely to be contacted unnecessarily.

In addition, sales teams can use this data to discover their most important customers  – allowing them to nurture these relationships and grow them. They can also identify potential academic collaborators who use antibodies for a specific protein target.

Dr Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “This new data is set up and ready for sales teams to carry out any analysis they require. Any member of the team would be able to easily interrogate the file – see the video below for an insight into how this works – you don’t even need any data analysis experience.”

CiteAb’s data files are powered by hundreds of thousands of specific antibody citations, providing an unrivalled view of the global market and shedding light on which researchers are the biggest antibody users, where they are working, and what antibodies they are using.

To mark the release of the Sales Team Data, we’re pleased to be offering free sample data for an institution of your choice. Simply complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch with your data.

Alternatively, for more information about this new custom data for sales teams please contact Dr Andrew Chalmers. He’ll be more than happy to discuss any specific questions your company would like to answer using this data, and to outline the packages available to you.

– David and the CiteAb team

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