Our new COVID-19 data platform is live!


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In this blog:

  • We've launched our brand new SARS-CoV-2 reagent platform
  • Researchers can use it to find reagents to use in their coronavirus research
  • And suppliers can ensure they are putting their products in front of the right researchers.

We are thrilled to announce that our brand new COVID-19 research reagent platform is now live. 

We secured funding from Innovate UK to develop this resource back in the autumn, and our team, along with our development partners at Storm Consultancy, has been working flat out to get it live as soon as possible to support researchers and suppliers studying SARS-CoV-2 and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You can explore the new resource now! See https://www.citeab.com/covid-19/

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “To realise this new COVID-19 tool we have updated our tech platform, and worked closely with suppliers, while also collecting as many reagent citations as possible for products used in SARS-CoV-2 research. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the completed product and believe it will help researchers looking for reagents to use in their fight against COVID-19. It will also help suppliers put their new COVID-19 research products in front of researchers faster, with the data researchers require to make an informed decision about how these products will work in their experiments. 

“When we first set up CiteAb our aim was to allow researchers to carry out better research, faster, with less waste of funding. Never has this been more essential than in tackling the current global pandemic, and we’ll continue to update the platform to best support researchers in this goal.” 

The new COVID-19 search platform is powered by a rapidly growing dataset that at launch includes over 5000 different reagents from over 150 suppliers, with 3000 citations. 

Through the platform, researchers can find antibodies, kits, proteins, biochemicals and cell lines for identifying and studying SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, MERS and a range of other coronaviruses. Suppliers can also use the data to help their work in producing and selling reagents to support this research. 

Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “We are very grateful for the funding from the UKRI ‘Ideas to Address COVID-19 – Innovate UK funding strand’. Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency, which drives productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas. It connects businesses to the partners, customers and investors that can help them turn ideas into commercially successful products and services and business growth.

“I also want to thank my team here at CiteAb and our tech partners at Storm Consultancy for the huge amount of work they’ve undertaken while shielding at home through another British lockdown to get this new platform live as soon as possible.

“We all hope our new platform will provide a powerful new resource which will complement existing resources generated by the research community and help researchers understand SARS-CoV-2 and tackle COVID-19.” 

As always, we are continually developing CiteAb’s products, and our COVID-19 platform is no different. We always appreciate the feedback of those who use the platform, so please do get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions. 

– Katrina and the CiteAb team 

*In addition to our search tool, we also want to highlight the EMBL-EBI COVID-19 Data Portal to researchers. This is an excellent collation of resources that will support anyone carrying out coronavirus related research.

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