Which suppliers are cracking China’s chemical probes market?

Two weeks ago we published a blog looking at our new chemical probes data, focused on the Chinese market and the institutions doing most research with chemical probes.

Today we’re taking another look at this data for the Chinese market, but with a highlight on the suppliers that have seen significant growth here, and those which are yet to do so.

CiteAb product manager Rebecca Sadler, who has been collating this data, tells us: “This looks like a really positive picture for Sigma Aldrich until you take a look at market share data for the past few years. Back in 2013 the company help 70.8 per cent of the Chinese market, so it has actually surrendered a large share over the past four years.”

However, not all companies are seeing success in the growing Chinese chemical probes market. Neither Millipore or Cell Signaling Technology have done well, with both companies seeing loses in citation share, while remaining stable in the US market.

And the bigger global players are present in the Chinese chemical probes market but with mixed results – Cell Signaling Technology has a stronger market share in the US than it does in China, while Abcam sees the opposite with its Chinese market share being stronger than its US share.

Rebecca adds: “All of these companies clearly aim to compete in the growing Chinese market and they should all look closely at our institution data and our data for popular products, using this insight to adapt their catalogues and marketing appropriately. This isn’t a market that can be ignored, with a research growth trajectory that looks set to increase for some time.”

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– Andrew and the CiteAb team

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