We recently announced that we will be launching published images on CiteAb on the 31st October this year. Today we catch up with CiteAb product manager Alicia Cooper to learn more about what this new service offers suppliers.

Can you give us a quick overview of the published images service Alicia?

“So published images are those that have been published in academic research papers, and we are taking experimental imagery straight from scientific literature and featuring it on product pages. This allows researchers to better visualise how products have been used in the past. The service will also include a subscription option for suppliers which will allow them to display published images to their own website’s product pages, and we’re going to take a look at that in a bit more detail today.”

What would be the benefit of displaying images on product pages?

“Customers look for products they know will work in their laboratory, and this includes checking for citations showing how a product has worked in the past. Being able to access experimental imagery reinforces a customer’s ability to visualise how a product will work for them in the real world. Published images can also provide in-house teams with valuable information about how their products are being used which can then be translated into marketing efforts.”

Why partner with CiteAb to access published images?

“Our published images service is extremely high quality – with humans reviewing data to ensure that it’s always accurate. CiteAb is a trusted data provider in the life science research world, and so displaying data that is driven by CiteAb adds confidence to a customer’s purchase.

“Our published images service provides suppliers with information on the specific product, application and reactant. In a system unique to CiteAb, images are cropped to the panel of interest which allows a rapid assessment of the product to be made.”

When will this new feature be made available?

“We’re getting ready for the launch of our image data on CiteAb in October. Anyone interested in learning more about it can contact me now and I’d be happy to chat them through it.”

– Rebecca and the CiteAb team