The Cell Lines & Models search engine: helping you find cell lines, tissues, lysates, animal models and more


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In this blog:

  • What is the Cell Lines & Models search engine?
  • What features are available in this search tool?
  • Try it out and get in touch with any feedback you have!

In light of the recent redesign of the CiteAb website, for our blog today we are reintroducing you to our Cell Lines & Models search engine. 

We give an overview of the cell line database that powers this reagent search engine, and take you through all the features you can try out.

Plus, if you’re a reagent supplier, now is a great time to get in touch to partner with us and maximise the benefits of listing cell lines and models on our reagent search engine.

What is the Cell Lines & Models search engine?

Our cell lines search tool is our newest reagent search engine. We launched this tool in 2020 to help researchers looking for experimental models for their research.

We have now collected data covering nearly 400,000 cell lines and model products, with over 300k citations. These products include tissues, lysates, cell products and animal models, amongst others, from over 100 suppliers. Researchers can freely search this database.

Cell lines and models database statistics

CiteAb started life as an antibody search engine, gradually expanding our services for researchers to offer a free-to-use biochemical search engine, protein search engine, kits & assays search engine and finally the cell lines & models search engine which we’re exploring today.

Tying all these search tools together is a commitment to ranking products only by highly accurate citations. This means no supplier can pay to be at the top of your search query, and that you can trust the data shown on our reagent search engines. 

How can I use the Cell Lines & Models search engine?

Our reagent search engine has a range of features developed to help in finding the right products in the most efficient way. We’ve introduced published images to review; data from pre-prints and subscription-only journals; helpful filters to break down searches; the ability to save favourite reagents and much more.

Register for a free account here to have access to all of these features.

Here’s how you can use the search engine to find the products you need: 

1. Search

When performing a search for a specific product of interest, you can apply filters to help narrow down the results so the most relevant ones are displayed. Some filters include: 

  • Model type
  • Genetic modification (including knockout, overexpression, reporter and more)
  • Tissue
  • Expression system
  • Expression species
  • Supplier

The results then shown are ranked by citations. 

An example search in the cell lines and models search engine
An example search for the most highly cited cell line of 2022: HEK293T

2. Evaluate

After your initial search, you can click through to the product page to further evaluate each reagent using published images, publication information, experimental information and more when available. 

You can then view the full publications, to help you see how your peers have used the products in the past in more detail.

At this point, you can save your favourite reagents to your account portal (when logged in) to review later, or go forward to the next stage: purchasing. 

3. Purchase

On product pages, we link directly to the supplier site to enable you to carry on your evaluation and purchase products directly from the supplier. We do not sell any reagents ourselves or take commission from purchases, which means we can treat every product impartially. 

Call for reagent suppliers to maximise the benefits of the cell line listings on the CiteAb search engine

We partner with many suppliers from across the globe, which helps to ensure product catalogues are always up to date and as accurate as possible for your searching.

Try it out and get in touch!

Why not try the cell lines and models search engine out for yourself? Start your search below:

Do get in touch if you have any feedback on how we could improve the Cell Lines and Models search engine – we are always keen to hear from our users on what is most useful to them.

  • Rhys B and the CiteAb team
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