Here at CiteAb we’re always working to make your life as a researcher just that little bit easier. Following on from last weeks collection on epitope tags and fusion proteins, this week’s collection looks at antibodies directed at bacterial and viral targets.

Given their inextricable relationship with human and animal health and economic activity it’s no surprise that researchers and companies alike are producing antibodies to a vast array of bacterial and viral targets.

CiteAb alone lists antibodies to over 160 different species of bacteria. This translates to around 5,500 antibodies, with Salmonella and Streptococcus being the most popular genera. On top of that we list almost 11,000 antibodies to 127 different viral species including not only human pathogens but animal too.

It doesn’t stop there – recently with the new expanded range of data that CiteAb is able to display about an antibody we have also seen a rise in the number of antibodies directed at bacteriophages.

The number of species that we list along with the number of antibodies directed at each species is continually growing – just this morning we added a further 700 anti-salmonella antibodies!

This is the first edition of this collection so we would really appreciate your feedback. Do you use anti-bacterial/viral antibodies in your research? If you could have an antibody directed at any target, what would it be and why? Let us know and we can use this information to make this collection better.

– Matt and the CiteAb team.

Anti-viral antibodies can be found here.
Anti-Adeno Associated virus antibodies
Anti-Coronavirus antibodies
Anti-Coxsackie virus antibodies
Anti-Ebola virus antibodies
Anti-Hepatitis virus antibodies
Anti-Herpes virus antibodies
Anti-Influenza virus antibodies
Anti-Parainfluenza virus antibodies
Anti-Rotavirus antibodies

Anti-bacterial antibodies can be found here.
Anti-Bacillus antibodies
Anti-Borrelia antibodies
Anti-Chlamydia antibodies
Anti-Chlostridal antibodies
Anti-Helicobacter antibodies
Anti-Salmonella antibodies
Anti-Staphylococcus antibodies
Anti-Streptococcus antibodies