Here at CiteAb we’re always working to make your life as a researcher a little bit easier, so we’re currently developing ‘collections’ that will make it more straightforward for you to find popular groups of antibodies.

You can now add epitope tags and fusion proteins to your favorite protein to open up a wide range of applications, from purifying your protein for structural studies to watching it function live within a cell.

It is really useful to have an antibody for the tag or fusion protein you are using and some of the most cited antibodies in CiteAb are directed against common tags. Most companies from the largest to the smallest make antibodies to epitope tags or fusion proteins.

To make it easier to find antibodies to your favourite tag we have collected over 300 antibodies which are raised against 20 of the most commonly used tags and fusion proteins together to make the CiteAb epitope tag/fusion protein antibody collection.

The collection contains antibodies to many of the most commonly used tags and fusion proteins. It also includes antibodies raised in a variety of host species, so for example you can choose between mouse, rabbit, goat, rat or chicken antibodies to green fluorescent protein (GFP).

The collection does not include every tag or fusion protein antibody contained within CiteAb – instead we have tried to select those that have been cited in scientific papers. This means you can have the greatest possible confidence that the antibody will work in your laboratory.

This is the first edition of this collection so we would really appreciate your feedback. Have we missed your favourite antibody or tag/fusion protein? Is there a specific anti-tag or fusion protein antibody which you would like to see that is not currently available? Let us know and we can use this information to make this collection better.

– Andy and the CiteAb team.


You can find the complete epitope tag/fusion protein antibody collection here.

Epitope tag antibodies
Anti-AU1 tag antibodies
Anti FlagTM tag antibodies (see also DYKDDDDK antibodies and DDDDK antibodies)
Anti-glu-glu tag antibodies
Anti-HA tag antibodies
Anti-His tag antibodies
Anti-Myc tag antibodies
Anti-S-tag antibodies
Anti-Tap tag antibodies
Anti-VSV-G tag antibodies
Anti-V5 tag antibodies

Fluorescent fusion proteins
Anti-Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) antibodies
Anti-Red fluorescent Protein (RFP) antibodies
Anti-mcherry antibodies
Anti-dsred antibodies

Other fusion proteins
Anti-Maltose Binding Protein (MBP) antibodies
Anti-Beta Galactosidase antibodies
Anti-Glutathione S-transferase (GST) antibodies
Anti-Cre recombinase antibodies
Anti-Alkaline phosphatase antibodies