What were the top 100 cited lipids in 2021?


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In this blog:

  • Which supplier leads in the top 100 lipid dataset?
  • What are some notable products in the top 100 list?
  • Which supplier has entered the top 100 for the first time?

We are really excited to bring you the fourth blog in our top 100 product series, focusing on the most highly cited commercially available research reagents. Over the past few weeks, we have analysed the top 100 proteins, antibodies and cell lines as part of this blog series. Next week, we will be bringing you analysis on the top 100 biochemicals.

Are you interested in finding out what the most popular products are in the lipid market? And, by extension, which companies and research areas are doing well? Today we delve into the top 100 lipids of 2021 to answer these questions…

Infographic to show the key takeaways of our analysis of the top 100 lipids

What data did we use in our analysis?

The lipid data is taken from our full biochemicals dataset, which includes further structural biochemical groups such as: carbohydrates, peptides, amino acids, nucleotides and nucleosides.

Over the past year, our coverage of the lipid data has grown as we have added citations, companies and a wider range of products.

Currently in the lipid dataset we have amassed over 47,000 high quality open access and subscription journal citations, covering 56,445 products and 74 suppliers. On top of this, we have recently started to collect preprint citations in order to give us a fuller picture of how lipid products are being used in research. 

The quality lipid data used in this analysis is comprehensive, including: antibiotics, cholesterols, lipopolysaccharides, steroids, hormones and fatty acid derivatives.

Suppliers in the top 100 cited lipid list

When we analysed the top 100 list of lipids and looked at the supplier breakdown we noticed two things in particular: 

  • One clear market leader emerged
  • A notable supplier entered the list for the first time

Who were the top lipid suppliers?

In the top cited lipid list, the clear leader remains MilliporeSigma. In 2021, they supplied an impressive 89 of the top 100 lipid products. 

MilliporeSigma have more than doubled the number of products held in the top 100 since last year’s analysis. They now dominate the supply of the top 10 products, holding every position. This significant increase in MilliporeSigma products is in part due to our data expansion to include a broader range of lipids.

Other suppliers featuring in the top 100 list are: Avanti Polar Lipids, Lipoid, InvivoGen, Thermo Fisher, Cayman Chemical and Tocris. 

This year we noticed a drop in the number of products Avanti Polar Lipids held in the top 100 list compared to 2020. However, they still remain the second most featured supplier in the top 100 lipid list, followed closely by Lipoid.

Pie chart to show the supplier breakdown of products in the top 100 lipid list

Which new supplier entered the top 100 lipid list?

New to the top 100 lipids in 2021 is lipid supplier Lipoid. 

This lipid specialist has been established for over 45 years, describing themselves as ‘pioneers in the field of phospholipids’. Phospholipid products are important for liposomes, mixed micelles and lipid nanoparticles which have uses in tumour therapeutics, drug delivery and vaccines to name but a few examples.

This year, Lipoid supplied three products in the top 100 list: 

  • phosphatidylcholine at #31
  • soybean phospholipid at #60
  • egg phospholipids with 80% phosphatidylcholine at #70

The entry of these products, previously featuring outside of the top 100 list, mean they become the third ranking supplier. It will be interesting to track their growth over the next year and see their position in the top 100 lipid list for 2022.

Which products feature in the top 100 lipid list?

Taking the top spot in 2021 as the most cited lipid product was doxycycline hyclate, a tetracycline bacteriostatic antibiotic from MilliporeSigma. This product had a significant 1284 citations with applications in research ranging from ChiP, to WB, to sample prep.

A notable new entry to the top 100 list is Phosphatidylcholine (LIPOID S 100) at #31, supplied by Lipoid for use in the production of liposomes, important components in drug delivery systems. This is the first product in the list that isn’t supplied by MilliporeSigma. 

The next product from an alternative supplier is Thermo Fisher’s sodium pyruvate, derived from pyruvic acid a fatty acyl at #51. This product is commonly used in cell culture and sample prep.

The top 10 products represent a mixture of lipid types, featuring lipopolysaccharides and antibiotics. In fact, throughout the top 100 list we see a range in the lipid types used for research.

What is of interest to you in the biochemicals dataset?

To take a look at the data on the top 100 lipids of 2021, simply sign up below. If you’re interested in the top 100 list for further biochemical reagents such as carbohydrates, peptides, amino acids, nucleotides & nucleosides (and much more!) do drop us an email. 

As always, if you have any questions about our market data or this sample data, get in touch. We look forward to bringing you the top 100 biochemicals analysis soon! 

  • Rebecca and the CiteAb team

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