Which were the top 100 proteins of 2020?


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In this blog:

  • Find out which proteins are most used
  • Which protein suppliers are seeing the most success
  • And which suppliers are in the top 100 for the first time.

We’re excited to be sharing with you today the second in our Top 100 series of posts which take a look back at our data for the previous year and provide insights into the products, companies and research leading in each reagent category. 

Today we’re focused on the top 100 proteins of 2020, having covered the top 100 antibodies last week. 

In our analysis we look at which suppliers have the best performing proteins, at new suppliers in the top 100, and at any new products in the top 10 since last year’s report

Rebecca Sadler, CiteAb product manager, said: “For this analysis, I pulled on our full dataset of 376,000 proteins and 81,000 citations, with interesting insights into how this market is changing.” 

In 2020 two new suppliers joined the top 100 proteins list – New England Biolabs with seven products, and Vector Laboratories with one. Both are well-known companies with products that have been close to the top 100, which have now broken into this elite group. 

Two companies have also dropped out of the top 100 – Biolegend and SolarBio no longer have sufficient citations to make the list. 

The company with the most proteins in the top 100 is MilliporeSigma, which claims half of the spots. While impressive, this is a slight decrease from previous years – potentially the company has lost some market share to New England Biolabs. 

Other suppliers you’ll find in the top 100 proteins list this year are Peprotech, R&D systems (part of Bio-Techne), Promega and Jackson ImmunoResearch. 

Rebecca said: “Interestingly, the top three protein products for 2020 were all from different suppliers. We see Fetal Bovine Serum from MilliporeSigma take top place, followed by Trypsin from Promega and Recombinant Human FGF-basic from Peprotech.

“MilliporeSigma then take up the remaining places of the top ten apart from one last Peprotech entry at 8th place.” 

Just outside the top 100, the next suppliers to be listed are BioLegend in 121st place with APC Streptavidin, and Sino Biological with a SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein in 127th place.  

Today we are giving away the complete list of the 100 cited proteins of 2020 for free if you sign up below. If you have any questions or comments on our top 100 proteins then please do let Rebecca know

– Katrina and the CiteAb team

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